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In 2015, Bedside Angels Home Care was manifested into reality opened its doors and took in our very first client & caregivers. Four years later, our privately owned and operated branch is still invested in sending out the very best to care for our community. We even have a few of our original caregivers as a part of our awesome staff.

Here at Bedside Angels Home Care, LLC, we strive to promote love, quality and compassionate care around the clock through every encounter.  

This process begins with a detailed pre-care conference, collaboration with family members, and when applicable, health care providers. We then customized a detailed care plan that enables us to meet all your goals and desires. Our coordinated services are fit to your personal schedule with every emphasis on communication. Flexible and personalized home care for your loved one is our number one priority.

The founder/owner Crystal Lee not only understands the meaning of the word "love” but strives to make it the foundation on which our business is based. We make it our business to only provide outstanding care whether it is for 24-hour total care, or just a short care scheduled visit. We are determined to offer the most comprehensive services that keep our clients safe and thriving all while in the comfort of their own home, no matter where: a hospital, assisted living facility, independent living community, apartment, or private home. Bedside Angels Home Care is committed to providing your loved ones with excellent service and you with peace of mind. Call us today to find out more about our personalized care plans.

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